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Joining Hands with CNOOC SANY Builds No. 1 LNG Mixer Truck Brand
Type : Press Release
Date of Release : 2014-05-29

With the application and popularization of natural gas and energy in household application and public transportation, in 2009, a new concept -- Natural Gas Mixer Truck has been brought forward in the construction machinery industry. This idea may seem bold, but actually is very much conformed to the trend of future energy consumption: depletion of oil resources, severe coal pollution, immature technology of electric heavy vehicle and other reasons have all brought about difficulties for future energy consumption of heavy vehicles. While the green, environmental-friendly, affordable, safe and reliable natural gas can be used in engineering machinery, certainly many people will benefit from this.

Therefore, once the "LNG Mixer Truck" was proposed, many domestic enterprises have invested in its research and development, but due to their limited capital, immature technology and lack of gas supply, the industry has not produced a product that can lead this energy revolution. Today, SANY, as a leader in the construction machinery industry, launches the first LNG Mixer Truck,   striving to build a new brand in the industry; which is undoubtedly a powerful impetus to this new industry.

2011, SANY began to enter the field of natural gas mixer truck. After a large number of customer visits, market researches and resource surveys, SANY finds that LNG mixer is definitely the trend of the future market. The state's environmental policies play an active role in guiding the market, while customers are also in urgent need of such an energy-efficient product.

Based on years of strength in mixer truck, with the joint efforts of all the staff in SANY Hunan Automobile Company, the sample natural-gas mixer truck is manufactured within one year.

After whole-process tracking and comparison for up to six months, testing personnel obtained first-hand information from the market and customers: SANY LNG mixer truck saves 30-35% of fuel cost per kilometer than diesel-fuel mixer truck of other brands, and 10-15% of that than other mixer truck models produced by SANY.

Due to the successful launch of SANY LNG mixer truck and its major break-through in energy efficiency, people become more confident in this product. Nevertheless, SANY didn't hurry to market this new product. Instead they spent a whole year to improve and upgrade it.

Early in 2014, SANY LNG mixer truck, a product with unparalleled technological advantages, made a strong debut. It adopted the most sophisticated LNG engine, which, after rigorous experiment and verification, is highly-reliable and resistant to harsh conditions such as high, low temperature and high altitude.

Currently, SANY LNG Truck sells very well. Customers all expressed their satisfaction with the product, and they are pleased to accept SANY’s new operating mode in selling natural-gas mixer trucks.


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