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SANY Equipment Used to Build Algeria’s No. 1 National Highway
Type : Press Release
Date of Release : 2014-08-19

Algeria No. 1 national highway starts from the Mediterranean Sea in the north of the country. It runs through the Sahara Desert, and ends in the hinterland of central Africa. The highway carries strategic significance to the economic development and national security of Algeria.

The Chiffa section of the project is contracted to a Chinese construction company. The section is 53 kilometers long and is valued at over 1 billion USD, which includes 3 kilometers of tunnel and 17 kilometers of bridges. The beginning section of the project and of a controlling nature, the section features the most complicated geographic conditions and is the most difficult to build.

According to representatives from the Project Department of the company, it would take around 2 million cubic meters of concrete to build the 53-kilometer long first section. Because of this and their recognition of SANY’s products and services, they purchased 8 sets of SANY’s concrete batching plants all at once.

SANY delivered the best service as always regardless of the tight schedule and heavy workload. The Algeria Department of Project of the company was so pleased that they wrote 4 letters of thanks to the North African Regional Office of SANY in acknowledgement to the services of the SANY service engineers.

As of May this year, the 8 sets of SANY Batching Plants have already been set up and started supplying ready-made concrete to the project.

Mr. Chen Zhixiong, SANY’s service engineer responsible for setting up the equipment said that he had been stationed at the construction site of the project since he returned from holiday in February.

With the delivery of the 8 units of equipment to the construction site, Zhixiong worked at full steam and he constantly thought about how to improve the speed of installation. He separated all the people at his disposal into different groups, each taking care of the main towers, the powder lot bin, the aggregate silo, and the belts.

During the installation period, to improve efficiency, Zhixiong held meetings at the end of the day with heads of all the groups, discussing the progress of work and giving assignments for the next day.

When the equipment was set up, it happened to be the rainy season of the country. After a rain, there is mud everywhere on the ground. To ensure the schedule, Zhixiong and his men delivered the job ahead of time, wearing raincoats. It took only 22 days for the first batching plant to be set up and put to work.

Within 3 months, all 8 large scale batching plants were put to work, which helped guaranteed the schedule of the project.


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