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SANY Motor Graders A Key Helper for Namibia Road Building
Type : Press Release
Date of Release : 2014-09-05

SANY’s motor graders have become a mainstay in equipment used for building roads in Namibia, as they are used for all types of projects.

Namibia is located in the southwest part of Africa. In recent years, with the rapid development of economy in that country, road building has become intensive. Everywhere, regardless of its being Windhoek or major towns in the north, people would see the red-colored SANY motor graders at work.

Outstanding maneuverability, reliable quality, and configuration tailor-made for the south of Africa, has made SANY motor graders successful in dealing with various adversary working conditions. They have won recognition from all local customers and some have even made them their only choice. Currently, over 60 units of motor graders are working day and night in Namibia. In the meantime, SANY’s outstanding services have also reached here to guarantee smooth delivery of work.

As an industry leader in China, SANY was among the first to set up networks in Namibia. “This is also a miniature of SANY’s globalization. In every new market, SANY takes the initiative to enter the market. They lay very solid foundations for their service networks so as to win the recognition of the market.”


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