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SANY LNG Concrete Truck Mixer A Top Brand in China
Type : Press Release
Date of Release : 2014-08-22

The LNG concrete truck mixer has been released in Shenzhen in the southern part of China. With many years of technological accumulation, SANY's LNG truck mixer has won recognition from all customers with greater environmental-friendliness, better technology and better value for money. At the product release site, the equipment earned orders for 280 units of equipment and delivered 80 units of equipment for customers who placed orders earlier.

"We didn't launch the LNG truck mixer simply to hype up the concept. We have decided to make this product a top brand since the very beginning by making it an energy-efficient product featuring greater environmental-friendliness, better technology and better value for money so as to bring forward the constant development of the construction equipment industry toward clean energy," commented Wanchun Zhou, VP of SANY Heavy Industry.

According to senior members of the research group, the power and engine performance of the SANY LNG truck mixer are among the best in the industry. The machine has been excelled in such extreme conditions as the extreme heat in Xinjiang, extreme coldness in Heilongjiang, and the extreme altitude in the Kunlun Mountains.

The equipment is also great in energy efficiency. Based on the current fuel prices, the SANY LNG concrete truck mixer saves 1.25 yuan per kilometer compared with similar equipment running on diesel. If a truck runs 60,000 kilometers per year, then the SANY LNG equipment would save around 75,000 yuan per year.

At the release ceremony, Mr. Qinghua Dai, Senior VP of SANY Heavy Industry signed a cooperative agreement with Mr. Pengfei Liu, Deputy GM of the Transportation and New Energy BU of CNPC. The agreement aims at solving the problem of LNG supplying for customers. Mr. Liu promised at the signing ceremony: "The LNG from CNPC will be available wherever SANY's concrete truck mixers go."

China is implementing its policy for clean energy in a powerful way, which constitutes a new opportunity for partnerships between new energy companies. As a leading company in LNG, which supplies over a half of China's LNG, CNPC is taking a proactive approach in building a powerful LNG supplying network in China. So far, it has built up a LNG supplying network covering 22 provinces in China.

Zhangjie, Executive Director and GM of SANY Shengneng said that the "tri-party" solution aimed at providing LNG sources, stations, and LNG truck mixers. Customers who have purchased a certain number of SANY LNG truck mixers, SANY would arrange for a filling station to be built near the customer's premise. Under the arrangement, the energy company would provide the LNG source while SANY would be responsible for the transportation of LNG and the building of the filling station, so the customers would use SANY's equipment carefree.



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